Ana Steele

Why Does Ana Steele Love Christian?

I see lots of posts and articles along this line – Ana Steele is totally unbelievable as no woman would stay with a man who is controlling, coercive, belligerent, selfish, unkind…etc.

Oh nonsense!  Women fall in love with guys like that every day!

Before you start writing me flaming emails or posts, I do not condone abusive relationships, I am just saying that relationships like the one that Ana Steele has with Christian exist.

As a matter of fact, the Ana Steele character has a lot going in her favor:

She is strong when she has to be and stands up for herself (remember she left him)

  • Although a bit obsessive, Christian wants to keep her safe at all costs (hard to argue with that)
  • Ana Steele is the center of Christian’s life and all he wants is to love her…mmm – not a bad trait
  • They go on exotic trips and do cool things together
  • He wants to feed the world and help the poor – hard to hate that
  • And she heals him of his demons and helps her see how beautiful she really is

As I dig further and further into why people, and in this case women, love the book, one of the secret attractions is that Christian Grey knows how to please her in bed without her having to tell him!

So, here are the some of the more earthy reasons Ana Steele loves Christian Grey:

He loves foreplay in many forms, from flirting to texts to smoldering looks

  • He takes his time to build anticipation…mmmm
  • Really good hygiene – he even smells good after a workout
  • Christian nearly always waits for Ana to orgasm first
  • Afterwards, he never just rolls over and goes to sleep

OK ladies, you may be going a bit far by calling Christian the “perfect man”, but I believe that even the detractors have to admit that there are times when they may be “pea green” with envy over what Ana Steele found in Christian Grey.

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